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Optimus Prime Love Story CH 4
CH 4 Beat down Optimus Prime
(Optimus' POV down in Texas a day before the death of Lockdown)
I came online with three humans in front of me quiet frankly I wouldn't admit but I was scared the last thing I remembered that I was hiding from the group called Cemetery Wind now online I saw one of the humans get out a cellular device which I remembered was called a cellphone the human male said he was going to call 911 I instantly hit him with my servo I could not let him inform the government I hit him enough to knock the cellphone away not enough to kill him even though I told them I would kill them I was just trying to scare them off my audio (a transformers ear)fell off during my transformation surprisingly the other human male came up to me slowly and I realized my weapons were malfunctioning and didn't come online I; for some strange reason said that they were malfunctioning to the male human that had come up to me; his daughter which I found that her name was Tessa Yeager asked me wh
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Optimus Prime Love Story CH 3
CH 3 The truth, the battle, and one of the new human helpers
It had been four months after the escape from the base attack Kat had been asleep the whole time. Kat woke up and Ratchet didn't have his holoform up she was a little shocked when she saw the search and rescue Hummer driving itself but when she saw the Autobot's symbol on the steering wheel she was dumb founded she saw she had the vault with her; she then looked at the vault then the steering wheel and back at to the vault decided to ask a question, "Are you Ratchet and if so where are you taking me?" then the Hummer came to a screeching halt and then a angry voice came out of the radio and yelled, "GET OUT NOW!" Kat instantly scrambled out of the Hummer and saw it transformed. Ratchet that had a body of the movie Ratchet but was the color of transformer Prime version he looked down at Kat with a murderess look and said in a voice that was full of venom, "How do you know my destination human?!?!?" Kat backed up and said while
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Optimus Prime Love Story CH 2
CH 2 Primus
In a flash of a bright light Kat landed right into a pile of snow she was knocked out cold it was almost like a blessing from God(or a blessing from Primus as Kat would say) or in reality a setup by Primus because a certain special rescue and search Hummer was driving by it was red and white and on the passenger door was an Autobot symbol a man came out of the driver's side of the ambulance he was dressed up in a doctor's outfit from the white coat all the way down to the stethoscope around the neck the supposedly doctor came walking over to Kat and mumbled under his breath, "This human femmne better be greatly appreciate me helping her because... Oh my Primus the vault guardian and the vault together!" The doctor picked up Kat while Kat had surprisingly didn't let go of the vault in her arm's even though Kat should have let it go in the way her body was in the doctors arm's he came to the passenger door which opened on it's own the doctor put her gently in the passenger se
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Optimus Prime Love Story CH 1
CH 1 The Ticket or Not
A young woman that looked to be in her mid twenties was in her bedroom ( looks like this, this, and this and she had this shelf ) She was a huge transformer fan she loved Optimus Prime she wrote all kinds of fan fictions let it be on,, and (you see what I did there ;)  ) most of them where about a girl that would get with Optimus Prime this woman's name was Katie Megan Star but she liked to go by Star or Kat. Kat had her phone on a mantels of her window it started to ring for her to get up Kat lazily got up from sleep and looked at her phone and turned the alarm off she looked out the window and saw the mail lady coming up the driveway Kat hurr
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Optimus Prime Love Story Prologue
The Beginning
Optimus and his team had arrived at earth  looking for a legendary vault before Megatron; during the time they made human friends but soon humans started to betray them only their close friends stayed with them protecting them; the vault finds it to a woman from another dimension that is a Transfan has found it and awakened it if here is there journey.
Our war had ravaged Our plant fighting over the great relics of our ancestors; we built a vault to hide them and sent them off deep in space along with the Allspark losing the Allspark in battle not knowing that the vault had came to another dimension and involved us we found out about the vault; but we didn't know where to look we made reliable allies and helped save earth from the Decepticons after a huge battle humans betrayed us only the first people we came in contact and the humans that fought with us stayed by our side now the has found it
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Cybertron Academy University and Kat
CH 6 The next day
Kat and Olivier went back to the girls dorm's and went straight to Kat and Sadi's room and Olivier did have a stern talk to Sadi and she got a big lecture after she tried to slam the door in-front of Kat's face and she then apologized to Olivier and Kat even though Kat knew that she wasn't really sorry for what she said and did to Kat she was just saying it to please Olivier. Kat went to sleep and then woke up the next morning and glade she wasn't dead or anything of hers was messed with, destroyed, and\or missing Kat got a shower and changed into a shirt that had semi long sleeves that the fabric was thin it had red and blue flames on it with a black background she was also wearing a pair of orange sweatpants Kat walked out of her dorm room and walked outside but still stayed in the school property she was walking and heard boy's talking she saw six men one was young like around Sari's age and the five others where about the same age. Kat was nervous a little after t
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Cybertron Academy University and Kat
CH 5 The comfort
(Normal OPV)
Kat ran out of the girls dorm hearing voices saying come back but continued running and somehow came to the school's courtyard that had a tree in the middle with a crooked in one of the sides Kat crawled into the crook and let out a howl of sorrow and started sobbing she hadn't done this in year's the last time she did it was when her family died.
(Optimus'/Oliver's OPV)
I was walking out of Mr. Trinen or as most of us knowing as Alpha Trion office learning that Kat is the next Comet Star; Comet Star's are extremely powerful; in her home realm we were fictional so sadly had to wipe out that if her prosser wait humans call it brain I keep forgetting that I have to keep that in check she will be confused if I say things like that. I found myself walking down the school's hall's when I heard this howl of sorrow coming from the school's courtyard my Spark clenched in sadness for this person I found myself running to the courtyard and when I came into the court
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Cybertron Academy University and Kat
CH 4  Meeting Dorm-room Mates
Kat saw right in her face a girl that looked like this ( ) she then asked rapidly, "Hi I'm Miko Nakadai. So what's your name? Where did you get those awesome highlights? Where are you from? What kind of music do you like? Pop, rock, country, metal, please not country. What kind of cars do you like? What's your top two favorite colors? What's your favorite animal?" Kat looked a little shocked by all the questions but then answered, "My name is Kat Meghan Star. The highlights are my natural hair I get it from my great, great, great, grandfather I'm from Virginia. I like pop rock and a little bit of country and when I say a little like only ten song's. Don't laugh but I like Peter built 379's, Western Star trucks, and really don't laugh but also firetrucks. My favorite colors are red and blue. I don't really have a favorite animal but I despise scorpions, spider's, centipedes, honey bees
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Cybertron Academy University and Kat
CH 3 Meeting Olivier *cough*Optimus Prime*cough*
Normal (POV)
Kat had arrived and picked out one of the figurines which was a dragon looking egg. Kat was walking up the girls dorm steps but as she was she tripped because one step was smaller length then the others she started falling face force into the concrete she braced for the impact but instead she felt someone grab her so she wouldn't fall she opened her eyes and met straight into a boy's face he had black hair with paint cobalt blue highlights, electric blue eyes, tan skin, wearing a necklace with a red robotic face which looked a lot like the birth mark on her left shoulder, a dark red poplo, shirt a blue jacket with Flames on it, and black khakis. He then said, "Are you alright Miss..." Kat then said, "Kat, Kat Meghan Star, and yes I'm alright Umm..." The boy said, "Olivier Prime Pax, and I'm glad you are alright Miss Star." Kat blushed and said, "Please call me Kat, Olivier I mean if it's okay with you for me to call you Oliv
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Cybertron Academy University and Kat
CH 2 The Letter and the Drive
(Normal POV)
There was a car that rolled up in Kat's drive way a man came out of the car he had on a black suit with a yellow dress shirt he had Blonde hair and yellow eyes that seemed to glow he came up to Kat's door and knocked Kat heard the knock and came to the door and saw the man she grabbed the pepper spray by the door and hide it behind her back with on hand and opened the door with the other the man said, "Hello are you Miss Kat Megan Star?" Kat looked at him and relaxed because she could see he didn't have anything to harm her and  said, "Yes Sir why do you ask Sir?" The man reached into his suit which Kat instantly tense because of this because she lived by her own and everyone around her was at work and she could get attacked, she got attacked by a man once because all of the money she owned but luckily her next store neighbor that owned a shotgun (Seriously in real life my neighbor owns a shotgun so don't come to my house if you figure ou
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Cybertron Academy University and Kat
CH 1 What happened and Primus
??? (POV)
A young Femmne that looked to be in the mid twenties she had medium long Dirty Blonde hair with strangely enough her hair had natural highlight's where paint cobalt blue she had looked up her family history and her great, great, great, Grandsir on her sir's side had a cousin that had the strange paint cobalt blue highlights and black hair the black hair was on a lot of the Mech's on her sir's side of her family if there where any Mech's descendants of her great great great Grandsir's cousin she could marry the mech but let us get back to this young Femmne's looks she had Hazel optic's she was wearing a pair of denim jeans, a custom T-shirt that said, "Nothing's normal and you can't say otherwise" and it had a dragon holding the words she sat at the table refueling her self with a cup of yogurt she was living in a house that was two stories she had inherited from her carrier and sir she had gained many things from her carrier and sir as well as he
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Kat and the author's travel
CH. 2 the beginning.
Kat walked to the gem mine and picked up a bucket and spade she filled the bucket with the dirt from gem rock mound she then took a spot on the end where she could be alone so if she got a gem no one would be begging or stealing it she put her laptop that was in her laptop bag and she took off her tumb drive and put it in her laptop bags side pocket she made sure it wasn't out of her sight but made sure it wasn't near the wash either. Kat then took out the spade and digged out a huge scoop of dirt she put it in the wash soon after she realized there was to huge lumps she then said, "Jackpot!!!" She then started washing them in the water out of the wash plate as soon as she got most of the dirty layers out she then put them back into the tray then she found they were two perfectly round stones that you could put in the palm of your hand one was black and one was white Kat went to grab the two she grabbed the black one a few seconds before the white one then a dark a
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Kat and the author's travel
                                    Kat the author
                                Going to the Gem Mine
Two women one that looked in her late forties and the other was in her early twenties the women in her twenties had a laptop in her lap typing fiercely on it she had dirty blond, hair hazel eyes, she was five; five feet tall, she was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a gray shirt that had Pikachu on it her laptop bag there was a The Legend of Zelda Trifoce pin also there was a Keyblade form the Kingdom Hearts the other women looked over at the women that was typing on the laptop and said, “Kat dear I know you love writing stories but we are almost to the gem mine let
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The author and friends.
Are hearts are connected
In more than one way
Even if we may seem to not to be related
Under the film are ways we are in one way
The author of us tells us all
One day we will meet under the same sky the same way
When we meet we will greet greatly the way that is well be for the saying all for one and one for all
The friends I made will make my day
They may of left but I will say
You are all in my hearts you were like the three musketeers that protected me
And now I will protect are memories with me like you protected me
In my stories and my pictures
You will live forever in others memory pictures.
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Kirby {insert} 2
Kirby {Insert} 2
                  You woke up in a bed you heard voices one was King Dedede's and another was someone with a Spanish accent you instantly recognized it was Meta Knight then you tried listen to the voices and now you heard King Dedede shout, "Really you think that girl is a threat if what you said was true she's probably more afraid than a threat and the bad thing you're stupid knaves didnt catch her now shes all bruised up and has a broken rib thanks to you." You then looked down and saw you were in a white medical gown which met someone undressed you and you knew it had to be Sword, Blade, or Meta Knight though it would be ok if Swords fan gender where he was a she but you didn't care if your ribs were broken and it maybe it was a death wish then you heard two voices one said, "Sword it's your turn I undressed her." The other voice said, "Really Blade you have to go in there I've done the last three times now I'll wait outs
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Kirby {Insert} part 1
Kirby {Insert} part 1
(this is my second x reader and its an insert so don't judge me and the reason its an insert is because its going to have each of the characters bad and good as the end of a happily ever you will have kids too no lemon work here)
    You and your best friend Kat (I know it’s my OC deal with it) went to the same high school; you went to (high schools name); and you two were inseparable; you two were playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Kat was playing as Kirby and you where playing Meta Knight; and you were winning; then Kat used Kirby’s suck up ability; and copied Meta Knight; and Kat started spamming Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado; then you started doing the same; you where both down to one life; then the Smash Ball appeared it happened to be near you so you jumped up to a small platform; and spammed the attack button; and it broke giving you the final smash which Kat’s Kirby was right there; and then you used it; and it was game; you wo
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[Speed Paint] W.D. Gaster by kinotoha [Speed Paint] W.D. Gaster :iconkinotoha:kinotoha 204 20
Shadow!Sans x reader part 4
You paced back and forth in the small room you, your mother, Aiden, and your sister were standing in. Your sister was in tears about the event.
"wh-why did they have to take the professor away?" she asks, tears streaming down her face. You wish you had an answer to that.
"h-hey.. please don't cry s/n! I'm sure the professor will be okay." your mother frowned, and sighed softly.
"I've contacted police and authorities about this.. If they discover anything, they'll let us know." Aiden shook his head. "I...just can't believe that this is happening." he added.
"well the professor did predict that someone would try to create shadow Pokemon once again.. seems his prediction was correct..." Your mother crossed her arms.
"y/n...that Teddiursa you snagged...probably isn't the only shadow Pokemon that's been created.." Aiden pushed up his glasses. "but in order to save them, we must finish the purification chamber.. However, we need prof. Alex here in order to finish it.."
"...let's complete it.
:iconplushyking:PlushyKing 9 40
Shadow!Sans x reader part 3
You walked into the room to see prof. Alex and his assistant, Aiden, waiting for you. The two turned to face you as you walked in.
"ah, there you are, y/n. Has...Aiden tell you about the snag machine yet?" You raised a curious eyebrow at this. snag machine? what is he talking about? Alex chuckled a bit at your reaction.
"The snag machine is a special machine for catching Pokemon. It took Aiden and I some time, but we finally finished it. Would you like to help us test it?" he looked at you, a hopeful look in his gray eyes. You thought for a moment... why not? you have nothing better to do.. You smiled and nodded.
"great. come over here please." he walked over to the table in the room. You followed. "this thing is an outrageous piece of work, I tell ya. This thing is used to steal Pokemon from another trainer in battle.." You looked a bit shocked at this.
"no, no, not like that. We didn't make this to indiscriminately steal Pokemon from trainers...not at all.." he loo
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Shadow!Sans x reader part 2
You had eventually made it to your destination; Dr. Fionna's lab. You looked around and shivered a bit. It was dark and gloomy. You saw a fountain, which had some kind of small Groudon statue of some sort, with no running water. You just figured it was broken. You shrugged and decided to head on inside. However... You were stopped by...a girl who looked to be in her early teens. She was dark skinned, had black hair which was tied back into a ponytail, as well as covered her left eye, and brown eyes. She was wearing a purple and light blue striped sweater, jean shorts, and purplish shoes.
"hey! what do you think you're doing here?" She had a pokeball in her hand. Seems she wasn't going to let you in without a battle. You simply shrugged.
"alright, so you want to battle?.."
"yeah! If ya win I'll let you inside!"
"very well.. What's your name?"
"the name's Terryn! You?"
"name's y/n." you tossed a pokeball and out came your partner, Eevee. She threw her own and out came a Sunkern. (going o
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Shadow!Sans x reader: part 1
It was about midnight, and a boat was out in the middle of the sea.... Everything was peaceful. The captain and one of the shipmates were having a casual conversation. Suddenly, the sky got dark....which was odd, since the moon was out and shining pretty bright.. A few helicopters had appeared in the sky as well. The captain raised a curious eyebrow. He wasn't sure what to think. He looked around to find nothing wrong, until he looked down to see that the ship was now floating in mid air!
"what is going on here?!" the captain yelled out as he and the shipmate were tossed overboard. They landed in the water with a loud splash. They looked up to see the ship being carried away by some kind of Pokemon that they could not identify. they looked at each other with confused looks on their faces.
You were sitting on your bed, watching the news. The reporter was talking about some kind of incident that had happened late last night...
"it was about midn
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Shadow!Sans x reader
You walked into Pyrite town, your Jolteon (sorry you don't get to pick your eeveelution XD) at your side. You looked around for a bit. you jumped as some odd looking people had rushed past you.
"hey! get back here with those Pokemon!" you heard as you noticed...a short hooded figure run past after them. You looked at your Jolteon and he looked back at you.
"should we... chase after them?" Jolteon nodded and the two of you ran after.
~smol timeskip to when you catch up the hooded figure~
Once you had caught up to them, you noticed the hooded one was battling two of the oddly dressed people. It was four of their pokemon against his (you assumed he, due to his voice earlier) two.* You thought that was unfair and you rushed over.
"hey! let me help!" You suggested.
"....very well." the hooded one nodded and you sent out your Jolteon and p/o/c (pokemon of your choice) You looked over at the two Pokemon he was using; Mightyena and Absol. Seems he was a dark type user. You nodded, and instruct
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trainertale!Chara x reader
You sat on the grass as you watched your two friends, Red, who was an elite four member ( -w- got a problem?) and Sans, who was also an elite four member, who were getting ready for a Pokemon battle. against each other? nope. together. The two had been planning a sort of "tournament" to see who would be strong enough to battle the two elite four members.
"*hey y/n, glad you could make it." the two walked over to you.
"oh hey you two." you smiled and got up. "when will this start..?"
"*in a little while. People are just starting to show up. So we're going to wait for a bit and see how many people arrive."
"which I'm sure it will be quite a lot." You commented, looking around the open area. You smiled as you saw your other friend, Frisk.
"oh hey, Frisk!" You called out to them and they looked over at you. They rushed over to you.
"hey y/n!" they signed once over to the three of you.
"hey Frisk." Red signed back to them.
"*hey kid. did you come here to join the tournament?" Frisk n
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PMD BoH 42 by KurtisTheSnivy PMD BoH 42 :iconkurtisthesnivy:KurtisTheSnivy 28 12
Tale and Fell (Undertale/Underfell)
Footsteps echo through the empty cave of the corridor, the glittering gems embedded into the wall the only source of light as shadows dance along the wall. A human girl runs through the corridor, her green/blue/grey eyes locked on what’s in front of her as she carries an eight year old child in her arms, the eight year old clinging tightly onto the a flower pot containing a golden flower.
The girl was battered and bruised, much like the child, her shoulder heavily bleeding, though she did not stop. Her golden hair had been tied back into a neat braid, a few strands of hair loose to frame her face. The denim jacket she wore had long been forgotten, locked in a storage box somewhere, leaving her in her jeans and forest green tank top. The square glasses she wore were chipped, the right lens cracked.
The child had shoulder length brown hair, their honey eyes watching the girl with concern. Their blue shirt with purple strips was torn and tattered, a hole in the knee of their jeans.
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 22 11
One Last Goodbye (Undertale)
“Sarah! This is all just a bad dream...! Please, wake up...!”
“Please, sis... Just wake up...”
Sarah’s hand twitches. She blinks opens her eyes, slowly getting into a sitting position. She blinks when Frisk hugs her, giving a soft smile as she returns the hugs. “Hey baby finch.” She looks up, her eyes flickering to those standing around her. “Hey guys.”
Toriel smiles. “Oh! You are awake! Thank goodness!”
Alphys lets out a sigh of relief. “W-we were so worried...! It felt like you were out forever!”
Undyen nods. “Yeah! Any longer and I would have freaked out! Tell us next time you decide to take a nap, okay!?”
Sarah chuckles, Sans’s shoulders relaxing. “Yeah. You made Papyrus cry like a baby.”
Papyrus looks to his brother, annoyed. “WHAT!! I didn’t cry!!! I don’t cry!! I just... caught something in
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 4 10
Just A Kid (Undertale)
That’s all I could see.
My feet stayed hovered over the ground, my snow white feathered wings keeping me in the air as an ethereal breeze flows through my golden hair.
Gentle laughter comes from behind me; I quickly turn around, my green/grey/blue eyes scanning my surroundings from behind my glasses until they land on a figure.
A person.
He grins at me, his ruby eyes watching me closely. “Well, isn’t this interesting? Coming to find me after you got your “happy ending.” How strange.”
He chuckles. “Greetings, Sarah. I am Chara. “Chara”.” He smirks wickedly, laughing as his eyes become pitch black, a black liquid leaking from them. His mouth looked as if bits of it had melted together. “The demon that comes when people call his name. It doesn’t matter wh-”
“Enough, Chara.”
Chara looks to me, his face returning to normal. “What?”
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 14
Forgiveness (Undertale)
Strangely, as your friends remembered you... Something else began resonating within the soul, stronger and stronger. It seems that there’s still one last person that needs to be saved. But who...?
Suddenly, you realize.
You reach out and call their name.

Asriel looks to Sarah, confused. “Huh? What are you doing......!?”
Sarah’s soul shines bright, calling out to Asriel’s. A memory from long ago plays in her head.
She sees Chara, lying on the ground, having just fallen into the Underground. He slowly tries to get up, but falls back to the ground, having been injured.
He panics, calling out. “HELP! SOMEONE! IS ANYONE THERE?! PLEASE! I NEED HELP!” He hiccups, his shoulders shaking as tears form in his eyes. “... Help... ...please...” He quietly sobs, thinking that no one was going to
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 11
SAVING The World (Undertale)
Sarah slowly opens her eyes, pushing herself off the floor. Frisk slowly gets to their feet, running over to their sister as Sarah stares at the person before her in shock.
A child goat monster stands before them, his back facing them.
He looks to the sides, flexing his fingers, his shoulders shaking as he chuckles. “Finally. I was so tired of being a flower.” Turning around, he opens his charcoal eyes. “Howdy! Chara, are you there? It’s me, your best friend.”
A light flashes; momentarily blinding the siblings before it quickly dies down. The monster now full grown, horns sprouting from his head, his eyes pitch black with a pure white pupil. “Asriel Dreemurr.”
Sarah and Frisk’s souls appear on their chests. Sarah puts her hands together, hoping with all her might.
You held onto your hopes...
You reduced how much DAMAGE you’ll take this turn!

Fire rains down. Sarah picks up Frisk, running aro
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 10 3
Reunited (Undertale)
“This is the barrier. This is what keeps us all trapped underground. If...  If by chance you have any unfinished business... Please do what you must...”
Sarah glares defiantly at Asgore. “No. We end this now!”
Frisk clings to Sarah, shaking slightly.
“... I see... This is it, then.” Asgore turns to face her. “Ready?” Seven containers appear beside them, each holding a soul.
All except for one.
A strange light fills the room. Twilight is shining through the barrier. It seems your journey is finally over.
You’re filled with DETERMINATION.
“Humans... It was nice to meet you. Goodbye.” Before he can pull out his trident, a ball of fire appears beside him, knocking him away from them.
Toriel walks to Sarah and Frisk, glaring at Asgore. “What as miserable creature, torturing such poor, innocent youth...” She turns t
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 6 3
Doomfanger (Underfell)
A small crashing sound echoes through the rooms as Papyrus hides behind Sans and Sarah, the pair looking at the creature before them in the darkened room.
“W-w-what is it Sans? What is it?!”
The grey cat in front of them gives a meow.
Sans lets out a frustrated sigh, Sarah quietly snickering to herself. “It’s a freaking cat, boss, okay? It’s a cat!”
“Why does it make that sound?”
Sans rolls his eyes, glaring at his brother. “I dunno, why do you sound like you swallowed a cheese grater!?”
“Because I had tonsillitis a child!” Papyrus snaps, crossing his arms. “You know that! You were there!”
Sarah blinks, raising a brow as she glances to the tall skeleton.
How does a skeleton get tonsillitis?
Sarah rolls her eyes, looking back to the grey cat with a torn ear. “So... what do you want us to do with it?”
Papyrus thinks. “Hmm...”
Sans facepalms. “LOOK, IT&
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 5
Distraction (Underfell)
Sarah pants as she runs, using the knife in her hand to slice through the bones being thrown at her. Her left eye gave a bit of a disadvantage against Sans’s attacks now that it was blind due to an injury, but she still kept up with the attacks.
The two were standing in Snowdin, just outside the skeleton brother’s house.
Sarah ducks as bones are thrown at her, jumping back to avoid a gaster blaster.
After a few moments of fighting, Sans gives a smirk. “Hey, doll face!”
Sarah blinks, giving a confused look as she dodges to the side, avoiding the bone aimed for her. “??”
“What do you call a skeleton... with benefits?”
Sarah gives an annoyed sigh, running from some gaster blasters. “Sans, are we really doing this right now????”
Sarah’s soul turns red as she lifts off the ground, Sans holding her in his magic as he pulls her towards him. “A bone buddy.”
Sarah bursts out into laug
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I'm sorry for the people that loved my tree realms story I can't do that kind of stories anymore I can make it that my characters in those stories start at Earth for like a couple of chapters at most and it well be at a normal Earth and if they leave they might get powers or change forms but that's it. Sorry people
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I love Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, dragons, Kingdom Hearts, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Skylanders, Digimon, Kirby, and Transformers. I don't try to argue unless you start a argument also don't pick on my friends unless you want to get hurt someway shape or form. I was katkaren15 but I lost my account password so new account same person. my number of level 100's Pokemon is over 350 (I know my pic makes me look fat but I'm not in that picture it's just the coat I'm in and the way my body is plus; that was years ago and I'm even skinnier now) oh call me Kat just a nickname that was given to me in fifth grade.


Chuva is a amazing character you have put a lot of thought into her her back story is great her design is amazing as well now the techn...

its all there me being in a art class that can draw every thing great but you have gone beyond there limit beyond the original art i wi...


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dreamalittledaydream Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! Thankyou so much for favoriting my old fics! Much appreciated :3
kattykeran15 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
No problem they are great
CelestiaDragonKnight Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the watch! ^_^ It's very appreciated.
kattykeran15 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
NP I liked your story and I'm going to look at other stuff you have later
Lol46poyo Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for favoriting all my Kirby art (^-^)b
kattykeran15 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
Hey are you going to continue your Kirby Story nightmare strikes back I really liked the first version so I can't wait for nightmare strikes back come when she learns the way to use her copy abilities
Lol46poyo Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Of course I am :) it will take a lot of time but i will continue this story to the end (^-^)
kattykeran15 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016
Yay I have it favorited on as well so I don't care were you update it first.
kattykeran15 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
NP they were awesome
KnightofCrochet Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday!

Kirby got a CAEK 
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